Girlfriend flees scene after doing unflushable poo

A WOMAN has fled her new boyfriend’s house after doing an unflushable poo in his toilet.

Francesca Johnson was enjoying a pleasant summer evening at new love Tom Logan’s flat when she went to the bathroom and unleashed a turd of epic proportions. 

Realising her mistake as water rose to the top of the bowl, Johnson escaped out of the bathroom window rather than admit her floater to Logan.

She said: “I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. Tom’s not meant to know I do poos, let alone large ones. 

“I considered throwing it out of the window and blaming the dog, but that was getting too complicated. Instead I did the sensible thing and weirdly just disappeared.”

Logan said: “I’m stunned. I had no idea Francesca defecated. I thought she only went to the toilet to emit a stream of lavender and rose petals.

“I’ve genuinely never seen a poo that big. The plumber was here for two hours and just kept shaking his head. I’ll be sending Francesca the bill.”